League Final 2015

At Woolston Manor Golf Club, Chingwell, on 12th September

Saxon Eagle v West Midland for League winner or Runner up Both Team play well and hard to beat each other, Good to see both know who will winner at last hole, At the end West Midland won.

Brighton v Reading fighting for 3rd Place again both try to win the match
Both Team got 2 half each and at the end Brighton won by Sum Different
Well Done to All four Team to fight for Winner and Runner up

Myself enjoyed watching all matches

The Results below

Happy golfing
Paul Johnson

Saxon Eagle v West Midland in the SDGA League Final

Dean Humphreys lost to Andy Brooks 3&1up
Void to Robin Lodge (West Midland) win by walkover
Michael Robert 4&3up beat Roger Sutton
Darren Upton 2up beat Colin Wilson
Adam Napier lost to Graham Featherstone 1up

Saxon Eagle 2 v Reading 3

Brighton v Reading in the SDGA 3rd/4th Place League

Richard McBrayne All Square Iain Goodall
William Clapham 6&5up beat Richard Miller
Michael Trimm lost to John Shanks 4&2up
Tony Nickalls lost to Jason Gurney 1up
Peter Gray 1up beat Neil Mussellwhite 

Brighton 2.5 v Chiltern 2.5 but Matchplay Sum up difference so the means Brighton won in 3rd place

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