7th June 2021 – About Single Championship 2021 from Chairman Lee.

Hello, I’m Lee, Chairman of SDGA, just want to update you all about our next golf competition on Saturday 24th July. You know we had cancel last two golf events due to Covid and now the Government aim to get everything back to normal on June 21st but we will wait and see until around June 14th to see what Government is saying about June 21st or delay so SDGA had decide to add SDGA Single Championship information in our website soon, to give you good time to read about When, Where and Cost so if the Government announcement that June 21st will go ahead then you can start click our website for entry form/payment for Single Championship.

If you are interested to play in Single championship, you’re welcome to join,

but if you are feeling not ready to play on July 24th, that’s fine as it’s your choice.

Please remember, look at information but wait until after June 14th or 21st and I will announce if Single Championship to go ahead or not.

Thank you.



31st May 2021 –  Important World Handicap System (WHS) update.

Please click below from England Deaf Golf”s facebook.

The Vlog will explain, Important World Handicap System (WHS) update works for our deaf golfers.


If you have any enquiries please contact whs@englanddeafgolf.co.uk

Thank you.



22nd May 2021 – World Handicap System (WHS)

If you don’t have WHS, you can register with England Deaf golf (EDG) and they can provide you with your own WHS for your golfs.

Click here for register with EDG if you want to know more about WHS,


Or see our link video after this on our page, to learn more about WHS.

Any questions, can inbox us and we hoping to help you with information about WHS.

Also please see the date 28th March 2021, see below – more information from EDG about WHS or click here


Thank you.



22nd May 2021 – New dates for 2022

Teams Championship,
Saturday 9th April 2022,
At Birds Hill GC.

Pairs Championship,
Saturday 28th May 2022,
At Stratford Park GC.

Full details will be on website at end of this year 2021.

Thank you

Kind Regards



30th March 2021 – Message from Chairman

Hello, I’m Lee, Chairman of SDGA, like to updates you what is going on since then. My previous vlog, I already told you that our first golf event, Team, on April 17th, is cancelled, the next golf event is Pairs on June 5th at Stratford Park GC, after discuss with the golf club about their Covid guideline and the risk of big society group so we as committees had discussed and agreed that Pair event is cancelled too. The Single golf event on July 24th will continue as normal and hopefully the same for other golf events this season. If the Government stay with their decision to end the lockdown on June 21st and all back to normal, we will continue with our golf events as normal. We will email to all the members to explain about your membership and will email to those people who going to Open Weekend in August.

For Open weekend, we already got 36 people, transfer from last year, and we can’t accept any more golfers this year, sorry, but next year we will welcome anyone who is interesting to join and play golf.

Thank you.



28th March 2021 – New World Handicap System (WHS) from England Deaf Golf.

Please click below from England Deaf Golf”s facebook.

The Vlog will explain how the World Handicap System (WHS) works for our deaf golfers. It will be a positive benefit for our SDGA members.


If you have any enquiries please contact whs@englanddeafgolf.co.uk

Thank you.

John Lange




1st March 2021 – Message from Chairman. – what is going on this year with SDGA and Team Championship on 17th April 2021 is cancelled.



6th June 2020 – Message from Chairman. – what is going on this year with SDGA.


I’m Lee, chairman of SDGA, hope you all are well? I’m Vlog to updates you all what is going on this year with SDGA.

In last few month it’s been difficult situations for us to cancel last two golf events. For next other golf events this year, we had been in touch with those clubhouses about what they going to do with their golf club about Coronavirus issue so they are still unsure about how to run their clubhouse as normal service and can’t promise us with details and it had affected our plans this year. So with all those difficult situations had brought to my mind to thinking about SDGA this season and I had sort it out with our committees and I have decide to announce to you today, that all golf events this season, Single Championship and West v East Challenger match is CANCELLED now.

Only two golf events this season, Open Weekend (full booked) and Cliff Britton Memorial Cup/Presentation Night, will continue as normal until further notice.

I feel it more better to start golf season afresh next year at 2021, hopefully with more better season without worry about Coronavirus issue. All the clubhouses for this year golf events had agreed to move to next year so will inform you all with new dates soon.

We will know more about Open weekend situation on July 4th as this is because of the Government has announced that hotels and restaurants can open on July 4th and we will get in touch with GolfBreaks about Open weekend hotel and how they will run their hotel as normal service or not.

I hope to keep October golf event as it is plenty of time ahead and it’s good opportunity for everyone to come to meet up to catch up, to playing golf and to enjoying social evening with meal.

All those people who had paid their membership this year, I had already announced on last vlog that your membership is frozen until next season so you will lose nothing and for those golfers who had already paid for Team Championship last April, you wish your payment to move to a Pair but unfortunately it was cancelled too and all golf events is cancelled now so we will get in touch with those golfers soon about how to refund the fee back to you.

Myself as chairman, I’m really sad to made my decision to cancel some golf events this season and hope you will understand about my decision as I’m thinking of all your wellbeing and how it will affects our next golf events this season, not worthy to go through with it this season but better to start afresh next season.

Thank you.


Lee Seccombe




April 22nd 2020 – Message from Chairman.

Hello, Hope you are all well? My name is Lee and I am the chairman of the South Deaf Golf Association. This is just an update and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. On Saturday 18th April it should have been our team event as you know but it was cancelled so we had a WebCam meeting with all the committee for a catch up. Now with the coronavirus issue, we’ve had a few things to sort out so now we’re all under lockdown until May but it’s not been confirmed yet for how long so it do cause a problem to our plans so we’ve decided that the Pairs event on Saturday 6th June will also be CANCELLED. It’s too close for us to organise things plus it will be safer for all of us to avoid the social distancing and with the travel too. We don’t know what will happen when the lockdown finishes so the June golf event is now cancelled.

The Singles competition on Saturday 25th July will continue but on HOLD until further notice and we will see what will happen in around June and will let you know with more updates.

People who have paid membership this year we’ve agreed that the membership will be frozen and will be moved for next year for those of you that have already paid we will hold onto your money and transfer that to next year so you won’t lose anything but for those who want to join membership, please don’t join the membership this year. You can start joining our membership next year.

This year July Singles and the Open weekend will continue as normal until further updates. Singles championship will be open to non members as there is no need for membership this year. For those who are going to Open weekend we haven’t heard anything so that will continue until we get an update and then we will let you know. West and East Challenge match and Cliff Britain/Presentation night will continue as normal and again we will let you know with any update if we have any issues with the coronavirus situation.

For Cliff Britton golf day plus Stableford shield – Stableford shield will be removed this year as there won’t be enough games to add the Stableford points so we can’t assess points but we will continue to playing golf for Cliff Britain trophy only and in the evening there will be a presentation night, if it’s still on.

I hope you are all well and keeping active, keep practising with your golf at home. We hope that we all will be back on the golf course soon.

Thank you.


Lee Seccombe


March 27th 2020 – Message from Chairman about Covid-19 via video clip.