Challenge Match Formation (West v East Challenge Match)

The Challenge Match is an annual event played in Oct every year. The competition will be held at a neutral course.

West v East Challenge – Want similar system to ‘Ryder Cup’ to give fair advantage to players who played a lot or place during the season. The final positions of top 18 players in West or East section automatically qualify after The Open Championship. If any player can’t go, the captain chooses any player outside top 18.

Format of play below:-

• The selected Captains for East & West will be for 1 years

• Handicap different for High and Low should be given as 3/4 shots

• Format of play:- Single Matchplay

• Max 19 gifts (depending the numbers of players) for the Winners only


The current Challenge Match Report and Results can now be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking below:

Challenge Match East v West Result 2019

Report & Results from previous years Challenge Match Report and Results can be seen by clicking the links below:

Challenge Match Report & Results 2015

Challenge Match Report & Results 2014

Challenge Match Report & Results 2013

Challenge Match Report & Results 2012

Challenge Match Report & Results 2011


The current Ranking Points can now be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking below:

East v West Challenge Ranking Points (2015)

• Ranking Points System for East v West Challenge Match – Click here for Chart