Please respect S.D.G.A. with honesty by inform Handicap Officer of any changes to your handicap from other society/golf clubs competitions

that may need to drop or increase your handicap.

Rules of S.D.G.A. Handicap can be seen on Constitution Rules no.16.

Email Handicap Officer for handicap purposes – martin.mackriell@sky.com

Email Secretary for any other matters – petertsgray@sky.com


Very important for New Handicap System – we agreed by in the AGM to change to follow the Society Handicap which is fair for us and Hopefully to your club to follow our handicap to make well balance handicap between your club and SDGA to make one handicap not two handicaps per player and the Handicap chart (Click here).

New Ranking Points System for East v West Challenge Match in October more information click here.

Stableford Shield is now used for Team Championship, Pairs Championship, Singles Championship, non-SDGA competitions (no fun round) maximum 3 scorecards (one from March & April, one from May & June, one from July & August). Scorecards from non-SDGA competitions can be scanned or photo send to me within 1 week of game played.



Hi members and friends

Now 2015 season is near ending with just Open Championship, League finals and East v West Challenge match to go!!

In West League, West Midlands grabbed top spot ahead of last season winner Reading meanwhile in East League Saxon Eagle got top spot again for successive season ahead of Brighton. The finals will be played on 12th September at Woolston Manor Golf Club, Chigwell, Essex for Saxon Eagle v West Midlands and Brighton v Reading.

On 10th October East v West Challenge will be played at Wokefield Park near Reading which East Captain Nikolas Murley & West Captain Neil Musselwhite will contact players soon for selection of 18 players. Good luck to all players selected to play in challenging match!

Stableford Shield is nearly completed with just Open Championship and July/August scorecards to go. At moment look like 3 way race between Neil Fox, Robert Slasor and Karl Kable so good luck to them to grab top place!


Martin Mackriell

SDGA Handicap Officer
Email – martin.mackriell@sky.com

East and West League Handicap can now be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat by clicking below

East League Handicap list 2015

West League Handicap list 2015


Handicap List 2014

Handicap List 2013

Handicap List 2012